5 replies on “સાત સૂરોના સરનામે (સમન્વય ૨૦૧૫) – મે ૩૦ (Bay Area, CA)”

  1. NIMESH says:

    આ કાયકંમ ક્યા ?

  2. KKB says:

    Congratulations and best of luck for organizing such a large gathering of Gujarati singers and composers. Are you going to record the sessions? If yes, how can one get CDs?

  3. M d patel says:

    Superb nights

  4. Manhar Thakkar says:

    અહિ શિકાગોમાં આ કાયૅક્રમ ખુબજ સફલ રહ્યો.
    પુરુષોત્તમભાઇ ઉપાધ્યાયે જલ્સો કરાવી દીધો.

  5. Wonder full program at Trenton New Jersey with beautiful commentary by Bhargvi Hathi and nice sound system. This was one of a kind event as you enjoy Gaurang Vyas and Purshottam Upadhyaya on same stage and enjoy Avinashbhai’s songs !!!!!!!!!!!
    Please try to organize every year, my best wishes for all the singers and musical group for creating and singing Gujarati songs.

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