H मनकुंतो मौला…

આ કવ્વાલી જ્યારે પહેલી વાર સાંભળી, ત્યારથી જ ઘણી ગમી ગઇ છે. શબ્દો એટલા સમજાતા નથી, પણ આને સંગીત અને શાસ્ત્રીય રાગોની અસર કહેવાય, કે સમજાયા વગર પણ કંઇક એવું છે આમાં, એ વાંરવાર સાંભળવું ગમે છે. ( Special Thanks to : Parag Pasarnikar )

સ્વર : સાબરી બ્રધર્સ.

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  1. Harish says:

    Thanks Jayshree for such a nice post. Let me provide little more info about it
    The poet and lyricist of this qwali is Amir Khushro. Amir Khushro was persian and a court poet with Mogul Emperor. He was very big fan of Indian classical music but wasn’t knowing the Indian languages so he invented “Tarana” style in which rhythmic words are spoken which do not have any meaning. Where in between few words can be meaningful as it is here.
    Man Kunto Maula fa Ali-un Maula; this are the words of Mohammad th Prophet, which means whoever accepts me as a master, Ali is his master too.
    One can read full lyric at following web-site

  2. Jisan says:

    Prophet during his last days, called all his followers and took ali besides him and said “Man Kunto…”. The one who follows it known as shiah(Follower) and who doesn’t is sunni.

    generally qawwalis have center theme of praising mohmmed, ali and family of ali.

    Listen to same qawwali by Abida parveen and Aziz Mian Qawwal. Its worth listening to.

  3. Desai Mehul says:

    Dear Jayshree,I am regular listner of Gujarati songs on your site.Just going through this Qwaali reminds me of Senior Sabri brothers.In 80’s I heard a Stuti of Maa Ambe that they sung on Indian Doordarshan & words were “Mangal Ambaa naam tamaru nis din mukh maa rahe…”
    I am searching for it,if possible please put it on Tahuko.
    From last 5 years I am staying in Republic of Moldova-a small country between Romania & Ukraine & everyday I go through songs from your site.
    My hearty congratulations for starting such good site & all the best wishes.
    Desai Mehul.

  4. jatin shah says:

    i m happy that tahuko.com is publishing all types of songs even in hindi .sp any new artist we can here.

  5. Yogesh Bhatt says:

    Just Excellent. Please, make it convenient to find out one kawali. the exact words are not remembered to me but it goes like this…’Chahe Ye Mano Chahe Vo Mano’.. Mandir Ho Ya Bootkhana, Matlab To Hai Dil Ko Samjana.’ Hope u understand the wordings of the kawali. Please do upload the same. Thanx

  6. હુસૈન says:

    Man kunto maula,
    Fa Ali-un maula
    Man kunto maula.
    Dara dil-e dara dil-e dar-e daani.
    Hum tum tanana nana, nana nana ray
    Yalali yalali yala, yalayala ray Man tunko maula……

    “Whoever accepts me as a master,
    Ali is his master too.”
    The above is a hadith – a saying of the Prophet Mohammad (PBH).

    These words were said by Prophet Mohammad (PBH) on the day of “Ghadir E Khum” at the last “Hajj-e-baitullah” attended by him.
    In front of the mass gethered for “Hajj” he said
    “મન કુન્તો મૌલા હો ફ અલીયુન્ મૌલા”
    i.e. declared that who ever believes me as a leader of Islam, shall believe “Ali” to be leader of Islam after him.

    Rest of the lines are tarana bols that are generally meaningless
    and are used for rhythmic chanting by Sufis it may vary by singer as well.
    ગુજરાતીમા અર્થ – હુ જેઓનો નેતા છુ તેઓના નેતા અલી છે.


    ya ali ya lai ya ali moula…………

  8. Himanshu Trivedi says:

    This was composed by Amir Khusro in 14th Century. Look at Wikipedia and you will get some scintillating details. This is so very beautifully sung by many Sufi singers, including Ustad ji Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan and also Abida Parveen etc.
    “Man Kunto Maula”
    Amir Khusro
    Man Kunto Maula is a Qawwali song composed by Amir Khusro.
    Man Kunto Maula
    laa fataa illaa Ali
    laa saif illaa zulfiqaar

    King of the brave,
    lion of God,
    [and] strength of God.
    There is no one like Ali [and]
    there is no sword like Zulfiqaar*.

    * Zulfiqaar was the sword of Ali presented to him by Muhammad.”

    Ali imaam-e-manasto manam Ghulaam-e-Ali
    hazaar jaan-e-giraamii fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali

    Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali
    thousands life are to be sacrificed for Ali.

    man kunto maulaa
    fa haaza Aliun maulaa

    To whom I am the master
    Ali is the master.

    Note: A famous tradition (hadith) of Prophet Muhammad. Ali was his cousin and son-in-law.

    daaraa dil daaraa dil daar-e-daanii
    tum tum taa naa naa naanaa, naanaa naanaa re
    yaalaalii yaalaalii yaalaa, yaalaa yaalaa

    Mystical chants sung by Sufis without any specific meaning.

    In some versions, Nusrat has also recited the following stanza:

    Ali shaah-e-mardaaN imaamun kabiiraa
    ke baadasht nabii shud bashirush naziiraa

    Ali is the king of the brave and the great leader
    because after the Prophet there is Ali.

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