I am registered. Are you ?

This is not just a title of this Video.  I am actually registered as a Bone Marrow Donor. Thats why I am telling you again and again, Please register yourself as Bone Marrow Donor, and if you are already registered, tell you friends and family to do the same. If you are outside USA / Canada – let your friends in USA/Canada know about this.  Its by One by One registration, we can increase the chances of South Asians to find a marrow match, from 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 200.   

આ ફક્ત આ વિડિયોનું શિર્ષક નથી. મેં ખરેખર રજિસ્ટર કરાવ્યું છે. એટલે જ તમને વારે-વારે કહું છું, ના કરાવ્યું હોય તો કરાવી દો, અને તમારું નામ રજિસ્ટર થઇ ગયું હોય તો બીજા મિત્રોને કહો એ કરવા માટે. એક-એક કરીને જ આજે જે શક્તયા 20000 માંથી એક છે, તે 200માંથી એક પર પહોંચી શકશે.
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check  here for upcoming drives in your area:

Be the one…!!  Help Save a Life.. !!

11 replies on “I am registered. Are you ?”

  1. jay trivedi says:

    જય ત્રિવેદિ

  2. Rajesh Patel says:

    Nice work Jayshree
    god bless you and keep up good work

  3. s.vyas says:

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding what the procedure involves, you can visit http://www.marrow.org/DONOR/index.html or


    The websites (and several others too) provide detailed information about what the donation procedure involves. These two websites helped answer several of my own questions and concerns.
    Regards and best wishes.

  4. Himanshu Pathak says:

    Very excitin to see superb work in gujarati language.congratulations.

  5. jagdip prajapati says:

    i first time visit this site
    n i very impresss after listen
    kasubino rang (zaverchand meghani)

    cheers from
    jagdip prajapati (vapi-maroli)

  6. Nrupen Shah says:

    i like ur all kavita i meet u at image office in ahmedabad that time co insident shri suresh dalal is there i am very happy i meet both of u.

  7. pandhi says:

    i am very happy

  8. Thanks for The nice Songs, My friend recomand me for this site , It’s very Good . Can I downLod in my Own C D ??? Please .
    Thanks again .

  9. namrata says:

    hello jayshreeben,
    me and my daughter are looling for raas-garbo named
    jalawadi jamli re..mela ma halvu che ke nahi….
    if you have it please post it
    nice work with website.

  10. Bimal Bosmia says:

    This thread is for Bon marrow donor registration not for finding songs.

  11. NANDU says:

    i like ur all kavita
    thank’s for this

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