Please help Vishal

UPDATE on 8/25/2009

Vishal passed away in the wee hours of August 9 Morning

Swati and her family are grief stricken. Please pray for them.

Rest in Peace Vishal.


Posted on April 21, 2009

Vishal Mehta is a 30-year-old software consultant. He was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in Oct 2007. After undergoing treatment which included Chemotherapy, he was in remission temporarily.

Unfortunately, the disease has relapsed and doctors have suggested a bone marrow transplant. Transplants work best when there is a family member who is a well-matched donor. Unfortunately, He lost his parents at a very young age and he doesn’t have any siblings. Therefore, he has to depend on a donor outside his family. However, finding a match is very difficult and rare. To add to that a very small percentage of South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis) are registered to be marrow donors. South Asians comprise approximately only 1% of the National Marrow Donor Registry.

This is your chance to HELP VISHAL and many others like him.

We would like to urge you to take a Bone Marrow test. It is a very simple and painless process.

• No fees required
• On the spot registration
• Give a swab of cheek cells for testing.
• Time required for the entire process is 15 minutes or less.
That’s it! Your tissue type is then added to the registry.

NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) is conducting this drive at multiple locations. Click on the link specified below and key in your ZIP code to find a location nearer to you.

10 replies on “Please help Vishal”

  1. Mital says:

    Me and my husband are already regitered for bone marrow with Canada Blood services. See if you can colaborate with them.

  2. VVP says:


    The link you have posted is not working, Here is the link that works.

    We will pass the word. keep up the GOOD WORK.

  3. Karan Bhatt says:

    Hi JayShri,
    I am in India. If I want to give my Bone Marrow, how can I give it?
    Because on this site, I cant find anything about India.
    I am seriously wanting to help for Vishal.

    Can you give me guidelines?

  4. Jolly says:

    Dear administrator,
    It’s good to know that tahukoo is helping in treatment of Mr vishal Mehta. i would like to register for bone marro donation for him. I tried to register via the link provided but, I am based in UK so I think it’s not working for me. Is there any way in UK i can undergo this test for him? Please reply

  5. alkesh says:

    I want lyrics of “Khuda Chhe to Aene”


  6. jwani says:

    Is it possible to get his direct contect info? I am
    an Oncology Nurse, and need some vital info. I might be able to help him. I am in New Jersey, and have lots of resources, also willing to be donor. Please send me his direct contect info ASAP. We should not wait, each moment counts,let’s help him and his family. It’s a team work.

  7. Jayshree says:

    Hi Jwani,

    Here is his contact ID that I have from his blog.

    Someone from the friends/family will surely reply to this email.


    Thank you so much for helping.



  8. jwani says:

    I have not heard from them. Do you have any update about Vishal’s health? Any other
    contect info?

  9. NS says:


    Vishal passed away in the wee hours of August 9 Morning

    Swati and her family are grief stricken. Please pray for them.

    Rest in Peace Vishal.

  10. Himanshu says:

    I know it is too late,but I would like to put on record that I bitterly regret not only loosing as young person as Vishal (The feeling,, is enhanced by the fact that he belonged to Mumbai,my city too.)But also a possibality that it took a longtime to locate a donor.Tata Memmorial Hospital at mumbai has a bank and its efforts were upgraded somtime back when it became possible for outsiders to contribute towards the cause.Cooperation from the american counter part was made available.Mr.Pravin Zaveri had taken great pain in coordinating and putting the project on rails.I had come across his appeal in Janmabhumi Pravasi and contected him immidiatly.I was able to bring this matter to Mr.Hiran Mehta who writes a series on medical matters in Chitralekha.His report on the drive was published in Chitralekha immidiatly.I am writing this because I would like to know whether the bank at mumbai was contected and how was the experiance.This drive must be taken forward not only from humanity angle but also from the fact that still execellence is so rare in our sociaty and loosing such persons due to unavaibality of quick response should not happen again.-himanshu.

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