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Hello Friends…

The content of this page is to guide the visitors of the site, so that they can take full advantage of the various features of this website. This page is also for them who doesn’t know how to read gujarati or whose computers doesn’t let them read the fonts used on this website, and still are interested in knowing about what tahuko is all about…

Here we go…


Myself Jayshree, I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco – California, with my husband Amit (Architect by profession). I am a CPA by profession (Auditor), and am passionate about music, particularly Gujarati music. I grew up in Gujarat and came to USA in 2005.


Its a little difficult for me to describe Tahuko in words. For me, its much more then just a Gujarati website. Still, here I am trying to tell you something about the site.

Tahuko started as a blog, to publish gujarati music of my choice.. the tremendous response from Gujaraties all over the world made it independent website (still running in a blog format).  This website is all about Gujarati Poetry & Music…  just a little effort from my side to make it more available to people who love Gujarati Language..!

Unable to read site due to font problem. What is the solution…

This website has been developed in Unicode (UTF-8) format which is supported by all latest browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 with SP2 and higher version, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc. Unicode fonts come in-built with Windows Operating System (Windows 2000/XP and later). That means you can view this site without downloading any font.
* If you are unable to read Gujarati, then go to ‘View’ menu of your browser, then select ‘Encoding’ and click Unicode (UTF-8).
* Please upgrade latest version of your browser.
* Kindly note that this system is NOT supported on Windows 98 based machines.

How to write in Gujarati on your computer ??

Please click on this link for a step by step process

How to listen music on this website ??

Most of the posts of this site are in Gujarati – particularly a Gujarati Poetry.  They are filed in different categories like : Geet, Gazal, Prarthana, Muktak, Varshageet, Krushnageet etc.  for the type of poetry, & also for the name of the author whenever I know the author, i.e.  Ramesh Parekh, Harindra Dave, Manoj Khanderia, Suresh Dalal, etc etc..

For example :

This post has been posted in Gategories : Geet (type of poetry), Mukesh Joshi (Name of Poet)


When the post also contains music – the categories for Music Composer & Singer are added.  Also, the category – tahuko – is added, which indicates that this post contains music (or video).

For example:

The following song has been composed by Kshemu Divetia & sung by Amar Bhatt, so the post has been filed under their name’s category as well.

Also notice the added category – tahuko – which indicates that this post has music, which can be listened by clicking on the play button of the player.


When you see the category tahuko to any post, you should be able to see a player which would look like the picture below.

Click on the play button as indicated on the picture below, and you should be able to listen to music.


Click here to see if you can see the players as indicated in the pictures above :

(It should open a page exactly as displayed about, except the red circles & arrow & Click Here words..!

For some reason, if you don’t find a player in the posts which are filed in tahuko category, i.e. you might see the words “This Text Will Be Replaced” or you might just see the blank page instead of player,  here is the link to download the latest Adobe Flash Player

Browser: Firefox, Safari, Oper

Download – Adobe Flash Player 10

Browser : Internet Explorer

Download – Adobe Flash Player 10

Save the applicable file to your computer, run the installation and after successfully installing the player, check the website again to see if you can see the player and click on the play button to listen to music.

Let me know at this email address : – if you still can’t see the player.

Effective Site Negivation / How to find what you are looking for?

Coming soon………

396 replies on “Site Guide”

  1. Vrushti says:

    કેમ ચાલે?

  2. Vrushti says:


  3. Vrushti says:

    ટહુકો એટલે બસ ગુજરાત અને તેના ગેીતો નો દરિયો..!!

  4. Jighruksha says:


  5. Vibhushit Dave says:

    ભિન્ત ફાદિ ને પિપલો રે ઉગિયો રે ઉગિયો, જિરન તેનિ કય રે હો જિરન તેનિ કયા ”


  6. Jighruksha says:

    ” પ્રભુજિ ને પાદ્દમ રખ મ પોૂજરિ તારા આ તમ ને ઓઝલ મ રખ મ “

  7. Hello Jayshree,
    u r doing a very good job.

    god bless u 4 ever.

    take care and by

  8. vinay says:

    હેલો જય્શ્રેી

    તમે હખરેખર ખોૂબ જ સરોૂ કરિ રહ્ય ચો

  9. Ramesh K. Rach says:

    After a long time we lison Gujrati Songs, and We like it Very much. Thanks

  10. hetanshu parekh says:


  11. Joshi Bhavik says:

    tamaro khub khub aabhar. kharekhar tahuko tahukoj che. pan mari aapne ek vinanti che ke haju gana gujarati sangit premi aa web site thi ajan che.shu aa websit ni vadhu publishity mate kai thayi sake?

  12. Harshad says:

    સૌરસ્ત્ર ના સુરો

  13. Harshad says:

    ડઇયર્ જૈય્શ્રેી બેન્
    તમે અમેરિકા હોવા ચ્હ્તા આવુ સર્ાસ કર્આર્ય કરોચ્હો ભગ્ાવન તમ્ને આ બદ્લ ખુબ ખુશ રઅખે તેવિ પ્રાર્ર્થ્ન સહ થેન્ક્સ્

  14. Pratibha says:

    ડેઅર જેઇશ્રિ બેન્
    Congratulations for your site
    It’s so beautiful, and has lyrics too.
    તમોને અભિનન્દન.

  15. Dharmendra says:

    Respected Jayshreeben,

    You did excellent job. To talk for Gujarati is different things and to do for Gujarati is different things. You explained your love to Gujarati not by talking but by work.

  16. ડેઅર શ્રિ. જય્શ્રિબેન્,
    ોન્ગ્રતુલતિઓન્સ ફોર એક્ષેલ્લેન્ત જોબ્ હત્સ ઓફ્ફ યોઉ દેઅર્.

    છન્દ્રકન્ત અમિન્

  17. Dear Shri. Jayshreeben,

    Hearty congratulations for the excellent development of this wonderful site. Be our guest some time. We are in the same area.

    God bless you.

    With love and blessings,

    Chandrakant Amin

  18. jagruti trivedi says:

    હૈ ભગવાન પ્લઈઝ મને ગેીત સામ્ભ્ળ વુ ચે પ ન્હ આ વ ડ તુ નથિ તો હેલ્પ ક્રો ને!

  19. Harsukh Doshi says:

    Respected Jayshree Ben,
    As I am getting New Post earlier inthe evening on your web site, I have decided to unsubxcribe, please do not misunderstand me, I am enjoying your site regularly every morning and evening very much. Thank you very much once again,
    Yours Truly,
    Harsukh Doshi.

  20. Tejal jani says:

    Thank u for your confirmation…

  21. Jigar Patel says:

    મને આ ખુબ જ ગમ્યુ કે ગુજરાતી ગીતો સામ્ભળવા મલી ગયા.

    ખુબ ખુબ આભાર

  22. Jigar Patel says:

    મારી એક વિનન્ત કે તમે સંજયભાઈ ઓઝા એ ગાયેલુ “અમથુ જરાક અમે પુચ્હ્યુ કે કેમ ચ્હો એમા શુ પડ ગયી ધાડ”
    ગીત મેળવી આપો.

  23. Jigar Patel says:

    મારી એક વિનંતી કે તમે સંજયભાઈ ઓઝા એ ગાયેલુ “અમથુ જરાક અમે પુચ્હ્યુ કે કેમ ચ્હો એમા શુ પડ ગયી ધાડ”
    ગીત મેળવી આપો.

  24. Harshad says:

    આ ખરુ….

  25. Shekhar Thanky says:

    Ms. Jayshree,
    You are doing a wonderful job showing your love and affection for our mother tongue sitting away from the motherland. A really nice job, all the best for your continued success…
    Shekhar Thanky

  26. mayuri says:

    These Is The Best Sight For Gujarati Poetries.

  27. Nirav keshur says:

    મને તહુકો.કોમ મા ખુબજ મજા આવે

  28. r joshi says:

    મને ખુબ જ ગમ્યુ. સહિત્યકરો માટે ખુબજ્ ઉપયોગિ

  29. hi madam
    h r u?
    i hope u fine over there u done good job i naver since this type of side before.
    i would like to tell u one thieg and this is my request to u .
    madam i want to listen one song i try to find out this song since 5 year but i m totally failed to get it..
    i hope u will help me out to get it.
    song is : chando chadiyo akash ke gori mori garbe ramvane ave ( ચદો ચદિઓ આકશ કે ગોરિ મોરિ ગરબે રમવા ને આવ)..
    madam this is my humble request to u plz help me out to find out this so. i waiting for your replay plz replay soon
    plz replay me
    hitesh parmar

  30. Ekta Shah says:

    આ ગીતો કઈ રીતે ડોઉન્લોડ કરી શકાય્?

  31. Please accept my request of unsubscribe the mail of new post.


    Tushar C.Jani.

  32. Can u guide me how to download the songs of Tahuko.


    Tushar C.Jani.

  33. arpan says:

    જયશ્રેી બેન તમારો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર એક વિનતિ છે કે જો તમે તારિ આખ નો અફિનિ કેવિ રિતે ડાઊનલોડ કરવા નિ રિત કહો તો સારુ.

    અર્પણ ભટટ

  34. kishor parmar says:

    જયશ્રિબેન,ખુબખુબ અભિનન્દન.તમારો પ્રયાસ કાબિલે તારિફ છે. મારિ એક વિન્નતિ,મારે “હાલને અલિ ચૌટા વચ્ચે જઈએ,છ્હોગારો એક આવ્યો છે.”
    આ રચના સામ્ભળવિ છે.

  35. Ashok Sagar says:

    બહુ જ સુન્દર સાઈટ. ખુબ આનન્દ થયો.

  36. kaushik mehta says:

    I came to know about this sight from my friend. Its really nice. I am going to spend more time on this sight. Thanks…


    wonderful work… keep it up… all the best…..

  38. bharat says:


  39. પ્રિય જયશ્રીબેન,
    ટહુકા પર જઈ ઘણી વખત ફરી આવી છુ પણ,
    આજે જ તમારા વીષે અને ટહુકા વીષે વાન્ચ્યુ, સારુ લાગ્યુ,
    ઘણુ સરસ કામ કરી રહ્યા છો.
    ઘણો ઘણો આભાર..

  40. Kiran Pithwa says:

    જયશ્રીબેન નમસ્તે,

    આપને એક નમ્ર વિનતિ કરુ છુ…
    જો શક્ય હોય તો
    મારા નખના પરવાળા જેવિ ચુદડિ ગેીત સભળાવશો તો તમારો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર…

  41. Virendra Bhatt says:


    ટહુકો.કોમના સુન્દર ટહુકા અમને સામ્ભળવા ખૂબ ગમે છે. આપણા સુગમ સન્ગીત સાથે મધુર મિલન કરાવી આપવા બદલ ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર. શ્રી કાને નન્દુભાઈને સ્વ.જગદીપ વીરાણીના ગીત-સન્ગીતમા રસ છે. તેમના ભાણેજ નિકુન્જ ભટ્ટ્નો સમ્પર્ક કરે.


  42. vivek says:

    i want to download a garab name”dudhe te bhari talavdi”
    please give me the process for download that garba.

  43. jignesh says:

    can u up load the bhajan of krisna bhagvan
    “krisna tari kevi ajab chhe maya”
    i don’t have the ditail of singer or etc.but if u can find this bhajan it realy apriciated.
    and thakn u in advance
    so pl pl pl find this one

  44. Virendra Bhatt says:

    Dear Jayshriben,

    My post on 25th-in Gujrati-did not print the e-mail id of Nikunj Bhatt. He is nephew of Late Shri Jagdeep Virani;for whose music Shri Nandu Kane had inquired.

    Virendra Bhatt

  45. MAHESH JANI says:

    today oen of my friend sent me your website address and i was so pleased to visit it and i heard the garbas and all i am very mych delighted to thank you and pray god to give you a long long life with prosperity and good health>

    thank you very much>

  46. bharat kacha says:

    that’s good jayashri you aer praud of gujrati

  47. sumit says:

    respected jayshree,
    i proud for gujarati garba peom and our saskurti Ilike your website

  48. jignesh says:

    September 27th, 2009 at 12:07 am

    can u up load the bhajan of krisna bhagvan
    “krisna tari kevi ajab chhe maya”
    i don’t have the ditail of singer or etc.but if u can find this bhajan it realy apriciated.
    and thakn u in advance
    so pl pl pl find this one

    can u pl jayshriben find out this one
    it realy priciated

  49. Ishwarbhai Parekh says:

    જય્ શ્રિ બેન મૈત્રેયેી ની બે રચ્ના પોસ્ત કરિ છે મલિ?(૧)ઇસ વિરાને દેશ્મે
    ૨..હૂ મારા મહેલ ની રાની.પ્લીઝ ક્યારે મુક્શો?

  50. mahendra says:

    Dear ben
    congrad for the labour y have taken.
    m.a.shah (dada).

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