How to Subscribe to ટહુકો.કોમ using Feedburner

As we noted some friends are having trouble subscribing to tauko through new system (feedburner), here are step by step instructions..!!

Subscribe to ટહુકો.કોમ

Step 1 : Go to sidebar of & enter your email address in subscription box.


Step 2 : A pop-up window would appear like below. Type the characters shown & click on complete subscription.


Step 3 : Message like below would appear…

Ste 4 : You should receive email like below… Click on the link in your email.


Step 5 : The below message would appear which indicates your subscription process is complete!


Thank you for subscribing to!! See you with the new post on tahuko soon.. 🙂

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  1. Jayshreeji,
    I would suggest to appeal all TAHUKO lovers to volunteer to support /encourage the care taker of Tahuko jayashree didi. At seventy two years of age I should be allowed to make appeal! Can I send my check of humble contribution of $ 101.00 to start with?
    I may not be misconstrued as a man with some crazy mind and a such a supper crazy suggestion, to unnecessarily cause pain in rear for millions of Tahuko lovers who have been enjoying such a laborious task FOR F- R – E- E for last ten twelve years ( including myself.)!
    Jayashree ji aapko VYAS FaMILIES OF Chicago & North America including Canada SALAM.

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